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The Visa Card is one of the best crypto debit cards around. It gives you up to 8% cashback, loads of other benefits, and is available in the UK, US, CA, EU, and Singapore.
But is also a decent place to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and an ever-growing number of other cryptocurrencies. While you won’t be charged any explicit fees, I’ve found that the prices you’re quoted when buying cryptocurrencies are more than 1% higher than the real exchange rate.
Download the app and register now to check it out for yourself.
Download App Best Bitcoin Debit Cards. is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a lot. It allows you to store, transfer, and exchange between 170+ cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and your local currency (e.g. GBP, EUR, USD, & 20 other fiat currencies).
With the Visa Card, you can also spend your cryptocurrency anywhere that Visa is normally accepted around the world (and get up to 8% back).
Is this the best bitcoin debit card in the UK, the EU, and the US? Check out this review to find out more.
Advantages & Disadvantages.
Quick verification ( 24/7 customer support. Available in the UK, Europe, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Buy and sell 170+ cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), بائننس سے وابستہ پروگرام کا جائزہ and many ERC-20 tokens). FREE to open a account. Visa Card has no monthly maintenance fee. Up to 8% cashback whenever you use your Visa Card. You can also get other benefits (like 100% cashback on Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime). Contactless Visa Debit cards (issued and delivered for FREE). Get up to 10% cashback when you purchase gift cards for popular brands with your cryptocurrency balance (30+ countries).
2.2-star Trustpilot rating (4500+ reviews). You need to stake a lot of CRO to unlock the highest rebates. Users report that the Visa Card isn’t being issued for months after ordering. Crypto Earn offers lower interest rates if you don’t lock-up your cryptocurrency deposit for 3 months.
What Is was founded in June 2016 by Kris Marszalek (CEO), Rafael Melo (CFO), Gary Or (CTO), and Bobby Bao (Head of Corporate Development). In June 2017, they raised $26.7 million from their Monaco (MCO) initial coin offering. They’re headquartered in Hong Kong and currently have a team of more than 900 people worldwide. was previously known as Monaco (MCO) – but rebranded in July 2018 after the (expensive) acquisition of the domain.
They recently announced that they have 10 million users around the world, after hitting 5 million just 4 months before. Products. is best known for its Visa Card, but they have a range of product offerings: Visa Card: Convert your cryptocurrency and spend it anywhere that Visa is accepted. App: Buy and sell an ever-growing number of cryptocurrencies. You can use the app to receive, store, how long for binance to verify and send cryptocurrency too. Crypto Pay: Buy gift cards for many popular brands and top-up your phone with cryptocurrencies. This also allows you to pay any merchants that are using ‘Crypto Pay Checkout’ with Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptocurrencies. Crypto Earn: Earn up to 12.5% interest on your cryptocurrency deposits. Crypto Credit: Deposit cryptocurrency and get credit to spend on your Visa Card. Exchange: Trade popular cryptocurrencies on your desktop with low trading fees (up to 0.16%). DeFi Wallet: Store cryptocurrencies in a user-custodial wallet (i.e. you control the private keys). Can be connected with ‘DeFi Swap’, where you can swap between tokens and earn interest on your cryptocurrencies. Visa Card.
The Visa Card allows you to spend your cryptocurrency in-store and online. It’s accepted anywhere that Visa is normally accepted – which is more than 54 million outlets and ATMs around the world.
There are a range of different Visa Cards to choose between. To unlock the highest cashback and get access to other benefits, you’ll need to stake CRO in the app. The more CRO that you lock-up, the better tier of card you’ll be able to order.
The Visa Cards that offer the highest cashback is unrealistic for most people. At the time of writing, you’ll have to lock-up $400,000 worth of Coin (CRO) in the app to get the Obsidian Black version.
However, the versions that require a lower CRO stake still provide you with competitive cashback on all your spending. If you’re happy to stake the equivalent of $400, then you’ll be able to get the Ruby Steel version – which provides 2% cashback and a 100% rebate on Spotify.
And if you don’t want to stake anything?
You can order the Midnight Blue version and get 1% cashback on all your spending (which is still good).
I got the Ruby Visa Card, which I think is the most balanced and affordable version.
After 6 months, you can withdraw the CRO that you staked. It’s not lost forever. But if you do stop staking it, you’ll get a lower cashback rate and lose access to some of your card benefits.
Download and signup to using this link (or code: "quickpenguin") and you’ll get a FREE $25 worth of CRO. This bonus is initially locked. To unlock it, you’ll need to stake $400 / €350 / £300 of CRO and order the Ruby Steel Visa Card.
Who Can Get the Visa Card?
The Visa Card is currently being shipped in:
United Kingdom Europe United States Canada Singapore Australia.
To be notified when they’re shipping in your country, download the app and get registered. Then just go to the ‘Card’ section and register your interest.
Payrnet Limited is the card issuer of the Visa Card in the UK and EU. switched over to them from Wirecard Card Solutions Limited on the 18th November 2020.
From the 1st January 2021, Visa Cards for United Kingdom residents will be overseen by ForisGFS UK Limited.
Excluding the staking requirements, it’s FREE to get your Visa Card issued and delivered. It’s also FREE to load money onto your Visa Card.
You will be quoted prices that are below the real exchange rate if you top-up your Visa Card with a cryptocurrency.
For instance, I was quoted an exchange rate that was about 2.2% lower than the real exchange rate when I recently topped up my Visa Card with Litecoin (LTC). This is a substantial difference.
This sucks, but you can avoid these charges by directly topping up your Visa Card with a debit card instead.
There are no domestic transaction fees . You’ll also get the interbank exchange rate if buy something using your Visa Card in another currency. There’s a monthly limit on this, but there’s only a 0.5% fee if you go over it (which is competitive).
There’s no monthly management fee , binance cryptocurrency exchange към книга but you will be charged £5.00, €5.00, binance cryptocurrency exchange pomoč or $4.95 if you don’t use your card at least once over a 12-month period.
These are the main Crypto.image

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